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Dictionary & Thesaurus

Windows 9X/ME/NT/2000
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I love reference materials, especially dictionaries. I own quite a collection of dictionaries both in book form and CD ROM. Of course I own The Oxford English Dictionary on CD, which is the definitive authority of the English Language. I also own Microsoft Bookshelf, Webster Collegiate, and The American Heritage Dictionary. Using a half a dozen dictionaries isn't as crazy as it sounds. One dictionary may have a vernacularism in it's database that another doesn't. Different dictionaries search for words in different ways, and a search of one may reveal something that another doesn't. When I need to quickly check a definition, or look for a synonym in the thesaurus, my first choice is to hot key Wordweb.

About four years ago, NOSPIN owner Bob Wright told me about this great freeware dictionary and thesaurus called Wordweb. I have been a devoted fan of Wordweb ever since. Wordweb 1.63 by Antony Lewis is promotional freeware for Mr. Lewis's other crossword assistance programs. Wordweb is a small, fast, 16 bit, dictionary thesaurus with a powerful 120,000 root word dictionary and synonyms database. 

The interface is in a web browser format, and is as easy to use as they come. There are only a half a dozen things you can do with the program. Type in a word and the definition immediately pops up on the screen without delay. If you are checking on a word that can be used as a noun, verb, adjectives, or adverbs, you need only press the appropriate button to switch between the different definitions.

Wordweb fully supports windows clipboard so you can paste in words from your Word Processor or copy definitions from Wordweb and paste to another application.

Need another similar word ? Click the Synonyms, Antonyms, Type of, or Types TAB, to see your choices. Under Options you have three changes that you can make. You can show the roots of words only, you can make the program stay on top of other programs so you don't have to ALT TAB to look for it, and you can instantly change the font size for easy viewing. 

Installing is easy using a setup program that does everything for you. If you have any version of Microsoft Word for Windows installed, then Wordweb will ask you if you want to be able to load Wordweb directly from MS Word. Say yes, and the setup program will then install a Wordweb icon on the MS Word toolbar that will launch Wordweb from within MS Word.

I have used Wordweb for the last four years in every Windows operating system since Windows 95 with out a single failure or bug. It is so fast that I highly recommend you hotkey it. Make sure the Wordweb icon stays in the START \ Programs directory where it is installed by default. Then go to your START menu ... go to Programs ...select Wordweb ... right click with your mouse ... select Properties on the mouse context menu and a dialog box pops up. In the hotkey box put a key combination like CTRL SHIFT D. Click apply and exit out. Now if you press those three keys Wordweb will load no matter what program you are using. Wordweb is so fast and uses so little memory that loading it will not effect or slow down anything else.

There is a Wordweb Pro available for $18.00 U.S. Wordweb Pro is 32 bit and optimized for crossword puzzle users. Wordweb Pro has additional features such as pattern matching, wildcard word searches, and straight and multi-word anagrams. The Pro version also allows you to edit and add your own words to the database. 

Very few programs are as well thought out or as well written as Wordweb. Fortunately, Mr. Lewis has resisted adding new features, and Wordweb is still the easy to use, lightning fast program it has always been. We can all use a good dictionary, and even though I love my dictionary collection, I must admit that Wordweb is all the dictionary most people need 

It is hard to believe that this great dictionary and thesaurus, that is so well designed, so well executed, and so useful .... is free! 







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