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  Hold No Punches...  by Rode

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The first AT hard drive I ever owned was 60 megabytes and I thought it was enormous. These days it is not uncommon to have a 20 Gigabyte hard drive on your desktop PC. All this cheap storage space is great but over the years I have noticed an odd and remarkable phenomena.  I call this Rode's Law of Inverse Logic.

The bigger the hard drive the faster I fill it = the less space I have = the more I need yet a bigger hard drive!

In five years I will probably have a terabyte worth of storage. Nothing important mind you, just stuff I am afraid to delete. With this much hard drive space full of partitions, directories and subdirectories you need all the help you can get. TreeSize won't give you any more storage but it will sure make it easier to mange.

TreeSize 1.51 is a freeware utility  by Jam Software. You load TreeSize from your right context mouse menu from within Explorer. Just left click on a directory or a drive ... right click your mouse ... select TreeSize ... and a window will pop up full of useful information. You can quickly see the size of directories and sub directories by bytes or percentage. You can sort the information in a variety of ways. You can see the amount of wasted space on the drive, and you can even print out a report.

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TreeSize comes in two flavors the freeware version above and a shareware version called TreeSize Pro 2.3 which offers a great many more features. The most obvious one is that the window shows a 3D bar or pie graphic display of the folder or drive ... which sure looks impressive.

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You can view a detailed list, CD ROM cluster size, and multiple folders can be scanned and viewed in the same window. There is a highly configurable search window which is like a separate program. You can make folder changes within TreeSize Pro, and you have quick drive access. These are but a few of the many additional features that TreeSize Pro offers. TreeSize Pro can be registered  for 30.00 dollars U.S.

 TreeSize is a must have utility and TreeSize Pro is great for the user with more professional needs. However I think PRO is a bit expensive for this kind of single focus program. By comparison, I paid $19.95 US retail for Powerdesk which is an award wining full featured replacement for Windows Explorer and which comes with a similar utility called size manager. TreeSize Pro has a far better interface than Size Manager, but at a steep price. For most users the freeware version will do the trick but I sure like those 3D graphics in TreeSize Pro!




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