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Microangelo v5.0
Download - 3.38 MB


If you are like me you have shortcuts all over the place. I like to make two folders directly off my START menu … one called Quick Access and one called Hotkeys. In Quick Access I put shortcuts to all the programs or files that I need to frequently access. In the Hotkeys folder I put the shortcuts that I have associated keyboard hotkeys to. For example,  I have a windows calculator shortcut that I have assigned the hot key combination CTRL ALT C. No matter what I am doing in any application all I have to do is key CTRL+ALT+C and my calculator pops up. Using shortcuts is one of the best things about windows. The only problem is that by default Windows will assign a ugly default icon. Of course you can assign any icon to any shortcut you wish but the ones included with windows give you few and uninspired choices.

Microangelo 5.0 by Impact Software lets you design, edit, animate, and organize icons and cursors. You can create an icon from scratch. You can start off with some other programs icon and then edit it so that it appears exactly the way you want. You can even create animated icons.

Microangelo allows you to work with any kind of icon file, cursor, or icon archive, and comes with a suite of five tools and interfaces …  Explorer … Librarian ... On Display … Studio… and Animator.  Explorer provides a windows explorer type view to browse your icons and with Librarian you can archive and mange them. On Display lets you mange windows system level icons and quite a few windows settings. You can even use On Display to display desktop icons and cursors all the way to True Color.

Using Microangelo to create or edit Icons with the Studio feature is surprisingly easy. During install, the program will associate itself with icon files.

microangelo.jpg (38191 bytes)

To edit one all you need do is double click it and the .ico file will be loaded into Studio which provides an easy to use interface. If you have worked with Paint Box or some other graphic program then working with this will feel very familiar. After creating a new icon you can use Animator to animate it.

Microangelo  is available as Shareware. You can download and demo the program for 30 days after which it is $59.95 to register. 

This week I have put together a special download for my readers. I have bundled Microangelo with the best collections of icons I have found to date ... and I have been looking for 8 years! This free collection contains over 10,000 icons and is appropriately called Best Icons! You be the judge.





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