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2009/10/12 by Bob Wright
ASUS EEE Netbook stand alone keyboard PC
Bob Wright takes a look at the new Netbooks and their EEE specification. Bob shows his bias toward ASUS products, but the information is sound and he supplies you with (2) two separate videos that give you insight into this new form of PC. If you are considering a Netbook, give this article a read.
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2009/10/11 17:28 by Mystic OverClocker
YouTube has rivals for Videos on the Web
YouTube is not the only source of Web based video. We offer some new ideas for searching for Web videos, some good places to find videos and even applications capable of viewing video from numerous sources.
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2009/07/28 by Mystic Overclocker
How To Boot From A USB Flash Drive
Creating a flash drive / usb drive boot disk is not always an easy matter. This article explores numerous methods of building a working USB Boot Drive. Sometimes you will encounter a PC or Laptop that does not have a floppy drive, CD drive or DVD drive. Now you have only an option to use a USB drive to boot the system. We hope this article helps even the best of techs.
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2009/04/16 by Mystic OverClocker
The Complete Intel Pentium Family
Our own Mystic OverClocker explains the important issues when understanding the Intel Pentium x86 CPU family. As usual, Mystic cuts through all the numbers and details to give you a clean and understandable overview.
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2008/02/10 by Bob Wright
Spectacular new hardware for 2008
2008 is bringing us hardware that was promised and yet we never expected in our lifetime. PC Game controllers using EEG or simply a helmet that receives brain waves that interface into the game. New cameras that allow phones to take pictures inside. Flexible displays that become more like a page of a book. Intel has new Penryn chips that do not use silicon and are only 75% of the old chips and solve the heat issue of compact processors. Self healing materials that fill in scratches on your dropped laptop or cellphone.
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12-Oct-2009 by Bob Wright
Top 10 Downloads on the Internet
We have done some intense research to find the Top 10 downloads on the Internet and bring them to you. Click Here to visit our list of the Top 10 Downloads. We have gather these files to our high speed server to make your download experience as fast as possible.
27-Jul-2009 by Mystic Overclocker
Hiren's Boot CD now available in our Boot Disk Download area
We currently have Hiren's Boot CD available for download. This is nearly as complete a boot disk for all your software or hardware repair needs. Read the complete list of software on this boot CD: Click here
30-Jun-2009 by Mystic Overclocker
Mozilla Firefox v3.5 release set for today
Mozilla is expected to start distributng a complete version of Firefox 3.5 today, more than six months on from when it had originally planned. Firefox 3.1 moved into 3.5 earlier this year. Mozilla made the switch in part as an acknowledgment of long delays to the browser's release, all of which meant it had undergone a sufficient degree of development to allow for a new version number to be added. The number of new features packed into the imminent version of Internet Explorer’s closest rival meant it was necessary to reflect those changes in the name, reportedly said by Mozilla’s engineering VP, Mike Shaver back in April. Increases in sie due to TraceMonkey and Private Browsing and the sheer volume of of time to for upgrades like video, layout and plugin service has been suggested as the cause of the late release, Originally, Mozilla had set December of 2008 as the release date for Firefox 3.5. But the browser's development process was hit by several delays due to incredible bugs, mostly in the open source of the JavaScript engine, which pushed back the deadline several times.
27-Apr-2008 by Mystic OverClocker
New Windows Install Guide - Windows Vista
I have been repeatedly asked, "Where is a install guide for Vista?" The truth is I considered it very simple and not necessary... but, I bow to my audience and here you go: Click here for the new guide. This is a guide for Vista Ultimate but the other flavors are very much the same.
03-Apr-2008 by Bobby Wright
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